Plant Profiles

Chapman’s Fringed Orchid

Common Name: Chapman's Fringed Orchid

Scientific Name: Platanthera chapmanii

Origin: Southeastern United States

Family: Orchidaceae

Bloom time: June - September

Chapman’s fringed orchid is an imperiled orchid, restricted to narrow ranges in Georgia, Florida and Texas. It was rediscovered in Georgia in 2009 after being lost for nearly a century. Since its rediscovery, Garden staff have been working diligently toward the conservation of this unique orchid.

The long-term persistence of this species is threatened by forest management practices, and these threats are exacerbated by its narrow and patchy distribution. The Garden has been active in conservation of this species in Georgia since 2010, and has most recently partnered with Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to survey for and identify populations in Georgia and Florida. Seeds of native populations have been collected and propagated in the ABG Micropropagation Lab for safeguarding and outplanting. Meanwhile, the Garden leads partners to manage and protect these fragile natural populations in the wild.