Golden Larch

Common Name: Golden Larch

Scientific Name: Pseudolarix amabilis

Origin: Eastern China

Family: Pinaceae

Bloom time: Non-blooming

Pseudolarix amabilis is a conifer that closely resembles the true larches (genus Larix). In fact, its genus, Pseudolarix, means “false larch” in Latin, and its species name, amabilis, means “lovely”. It's a slow-growing tree, tolerant of summer heat and humidity, and is conical when young, later becoming more spreading. It is best known for its soft green foliage that turns golden yellow in fall and is among a very small subset of deciduous conifers that actually loses its needles in winter.

The majority of conifers are evergreen and out of the 8 families, 69 genera, 630 species and 180 varieties and subspecies, there are only 5 genera (Glyptostrobus, Larix, Metasequoia, Pseudolarix, and Taxodium) containing 14 species that are deciduous.

The wood of the Golden Larch has been used for furniture, boats and bridges. The tree is used in traditional Chinese medicine as dermatologic antifungal remedy, and it is also quite a popular species for bonsai.