White Pitcher Plant

Common Name: White Pitcher Plant

Scientific Name: Sarracenia leucophylla

Origin: Southeastern United States

Family: Sarraceniaceae

Bloom time: March - June

Native to the Gulf Coast, Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama and Georgia, the White Pitcher Plant is a cornerstone of the Garden's conservation efforts. Human development and forest succession has led to the loss of its unique wetland habitat.

The plant attracts insect prey with combination of scent, gravity and a waxy substance that disables insect feet forcing it to slip into the pitcher. Farther down, downward-pointing hairs make escape impossible.The lowest part of the pitcher contains a pool of liquid that drown and digest the prey, leaving the exoskeletons to pile up inside.

The pitcher of the Sarracenia can also perform the functions of a normal leaf, including photosynthesis – insects aren't the only source of energy.

While known for its unique pitcher-shape and carnivorous abilities, Sarracenia leucophylla flower beautifully in spring, offering deep maroon flowers in addition to is emonymous tube.