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Title I Garden Experiences

Spring 2024 Garden Experience dates are currently filled. Due to our expansive waitlist, we were unable to re-open registration for spring programming. The Garden appreciates the support and interest from students and educators in the Metro Atlanta area this year. We are working to ensure that we can provide better programming support and meet the needs of learners in Fall 2024. If you are interested in joining our waitlist please fill out the form below and we will reach out with information and updates about the Garden's School Programs. 


The Garden offers Title I designated schools FREE entry to the Garden with a 30-minute instructor-led activity. Each 30-minute presentation offers interactive, hands-on activities supporting the Georgia Standards of Excellence or health education standards.

Program Guidelines:

  • Available Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m.
  • Presentations are 30 minutes (40-60 min for grades 6-12)
  • Up to 4 presentations available per day
  • Maximum 30 students per presentation
  • Groups must have chaperones present in each presentation
  • Select one presentation topic per visit
  • Program includes a self-guided tour before and/or after the presentation
  • Onsite bus parking is $10 per bus

Please read the Program Guidelines before registering for your presentation.

With leadership support from our generous philanthropic partners, as well as corporate support from Wells Fargo and the Georgia-Pacific Foundation, Title I schools are eligible for free programming at their school or at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Presentation Topics

Kindergarten: Garden Senses

Taste, touch, listen, and explore some of Georgia’s most interesting plant specimens to examine their diverse adaptations.

Grade 1: Flower Dissection

Learn about plants from the inside out! Students dissect plant specimens to examine the parts of a plant and create a nature bracelet.

Grade 2: Tree Life Cycle

Ever heard of a tree cookie? What can they tell us about the tree it came from? While these cookies aren’t edible, students will examine them to learn about the inTREEguing life cycle of plants.

Grade 3: Carnivorous Plants

Predatory plants! Students get to explore the exciting world of carnivorous plants by getting up close and personal to some fascinating species. Watch those fingers!

Grade 4: Food Chain Bracelets

The best way to learn about the food chain is to make one! Students will understand the role of organisms in the food chain by building their own food chain bracelet.

Grade 5: Microscopic Exploration

Put your camera skills to the test! Students will use microscopes to take “cellfies” of some interesting plant organisms.

Grades 6-12: Budding Botanists

Students will practice collecting and recording data using some of the same techniques as our Conservation Team. See how many plant species you can correctly locate and identify!

Grades 9-12: Environmental Art

Inspired by the environmental artworks of Andy Goldsworthy, students will create an ephemeral art installation in Storza Woods using natural materials found in their surroundings.

All Grades: Frog Talks

Meet some of the Garden's unique amphibians and learn about their amazing adaptations!

All Grades: All About Worms

Explore the Garden's bin of red wigglers and learn about their unique life cycles and the benefits of vermicomposting.