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Teacher Training

Free Virtual Teacher Training Opportunities

Request a 30 minute, virtual presentation that introduces teachers to new content and project based learning opportunities. Each presentation gives teachers relevant background information and a STEM project for their students to complete. To ensure content is targeted towards teachers’ needs, we request that teachers from similar grade levels attend a workshop together
(ex. K – 2, 3 – 5, 6-8 and 9 – 12).

Cost: Free
Group Minimum: 10
Group Maximum: 35

For more information, or to request a presentation, email

Rainforest Rotunda Discovery

Learn about the amazing adaptations of tropical rainforest plants and how we keep them alive in Georgia, particularly during the cold winters. During this presentation, we will virtually explore the Tropical Rotunda and introduce a “STEM project“. Similar to Killer Plants “It’s a Trap: Pitcher Plant Pitfalls”,  where your students create their own greenhouse. This program is great for teachers discussing habitats, adaptations, plant life cycle, Georgia habitats/climate and the water cycle.

Killer Plants

Native to Georgia and a fan favorite, insect eating plants are fascinating and fun. Teachers will learn about the different types of carnivorous plants living in Georgia, their adaptations, their habitat and most importantly how they catch insects. This training opportunity pairs well with our At Home Science STEM Lesson It’s A Trap: Pitcher Plant Pitfalls where students design their own insect trap and is great for teachers discussing plant parts, adaptations, Georgia habitats/climate, and food web/ecosystem interactions.