Conservation & Research

Conservation Collections

Plant propagation is a three-fold process that can ultimately invigorate declining habitats with rare plant species, restoring a balance to delicate ecosystems damaged by human and natural interference. The Garden utilizes its Micropropagation Lab, Conservation Greenhouse and Safeguarding Nursery to grow imperiled species from cutting or seed to plant.

Micropropagation Laboratory

Located in the Center for Conservation & Training, the Garden's Micropropagation lab is dedicated to seed germination and propagation of native species, especially orchids.
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Conservation Greenhouse

Once endangered plants have been propagated in the Garden's Micropropagation Lab they are moved to the Conservation Greenhouse to grow to maturity before transporting them to the field.
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Safeguarding Nursery

The largest of its kind in the southeastern United States, the Safeguarding Nursery is home to countless pitcher plants, native orchids and other threatened species.

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Conservation Seed Bank

The Garden Conservation Seed Bank focuses on the collection and preservation of germplasm of target native imperiled plant species from the southeastern United States, Caribbean, Ecuador and its living collections.

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