Restoration & Monitoring

Orchid Conservation

The Garden is very involved in the conservation and restoration of a number of several imperiled species: the Cigar Orchid, Dancing Lady Orchid, White Fringeless Orchid, Chapman's Fringed Orchid and Small Whorled Pogonia.

Cigar Orchid

Cyrtopodium punctatum is a longtime focus of the Garden’s conservation and research teams. Nearly 1,000 new orchids have been introduced in the Florida preserve where the Garden continues to monitor survival and success.

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Dancing Lady Orchid

The Garden has led efforts to boost native populations in southeast Florida.

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White Fringeless Orchid

Protecting and reestablishing this rare orchid has been part of the Garden’s conservation work for years. 

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Chapman’s Fringed Orchid

One of the world’s rarest orchids, Platanthera chapmanii, is collected and propagated in the Garden’s Tissue Culture Lab for safeguarding and outplanting.

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Small Whorled Pogonia

This threatened species found throughout the eastern United States has been a project of the Garden since 2011. Today, the Garden continues to monitor the population numbers and health of these rare plants.

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