Flower Show

2022 Flower Show Winners

Class 1

First Place Amy Wilbanks and Kathryn Callaway
Second Place Diane Festa and Holly Bryan
Third Place Debby Melnyk
Honorable Mention  Kathy Hendricks

Class 2

First Place Sharel Hooper
Second Place Liz Piazza
Third Place Melynda Whetsel
Pinetree GC Trophy Sharel Hooper - most creative design using fresh and dried plant material
Louise Brown Hastings Trophy Amy Wilbanks and Kathryn Callaway - best mass arrangement using only fresh plant material

Class 3

First Place Roberta Debester
Second Place Tina Boswell
Third Place Chucki Bradbury

Class 4

First Place Leslie Purple and Alice Farley
Second Place Debbie Stocksill
Third Place Candace Morganstern
Honorable Mention  Mary Pressly

Class 5

First Place Allison Jowers and Melissa McFadden
Second Place Carrie Lovin and Samanthat Minutelli
Third Place Lynda Blanchard
Honorable Mention  Felicia Huger, Kathleen Kellett, Anne Silbernagel
Robin Conway and Teresa Horan

Class 6

First Place Lee Easterly
Second Place Peggy Moore
Third Place Jennifer Sterling
Honorable Mention  Isabel Pope, Bet Pope, Mary Katherine Green and
Elizabeth Coors

Class 7

First Place Anne Mori and Wendy Stengel
Second Place Stacey Beardsley and Samantha Minutelli
Third Place Julie Spear
Honorable Mention  Martha Cox, Franklin Stevens and Devin Smith

Class 8 

First Place Mary Moretz and Mary Pressly
Second Place Debby Stocksill
Third Place Anne Marino, Pam Elting Helen Bost, Elise Drake
Honorable Mention  Bj Crabtree et. al.