Alston Lecture: Rebecca McMackin

Adventures in Ecological Horticulture Who doesn’t love butterflies? Our gardens can be stunningly beautiful while also providing a habitat for the wildlife that enriches our lives. For ecological horticulturist Rebecca McMackin, cultivating habitat is central to landscape management. In her 10 years as Director of Horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park,… Read More

Fuqua Lecture: Margaret Renkl

Author and New York Times columnist Margaret Renkl is joined by Teresa Weaver, former book editor for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Atlanta Magazine, to discuss Renkl’s new book, The Comfort of Crows, and how gardens can be used to create wildlife habitats to fight back against biodiversity loss and even… Read More

Science Café: Dr. Donna McDermott

Feeding on flowers is complicated work. Bees venture out of the colony over and over again, collecting nectar and pollen for themselves and their nest-mates, learning how to identify and manipulate flowers that change throughout the season while dodging predators and parasites. How do bees manage it all? One option… Read More

Atlanta Rose Show

Presented by the Greater Atlanta Rose Society, the annual cut-flower show in Day Hall features roses of every variety and color.  LEARN MORE… Read More

Science Café: Georgann Eubanks

Writer and popular speaker Georgann Eubanks will share stories from her trek across six states to write “Saving the Wild South,” a new book from the University of North Carolina Press. In her research Georgann studied the history and status of a dozen rare and federally endangered plants and interviewed… Read More

Alston Lecture: Topiary Therapy

In a world full of chaos, we are constantly searching for peace. Mike Gibson will explore how topiary can be the catalyst to bringing more peace to your life and your garden with, Topiary Therapy: A look into the world of topiary, and how it can be used to create… Read More

Fuqua Lecture – The Earth in Her (Our) Hands

Jennifer Jewell is a best-selling author and host of public radio’s award-winning program and podcast Cultivating Place. Jennifer’s recent book The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants, focuses on the unique way on how horticulture intersects with our every day world and on… Read More