Science Café: Simone Lim-Hing

Simone Lim-Hing | Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Georgia | Thursday, May 16 at 6 p.m. | Location: Mershon Hall + Facebook Live | Navigating Forest Health in a Changing World   Speaker Bio: Simone Lim-Hing earned a PhD from the University of Georgia Department of Plant Biology and… Read More

Science Café: Héctor E. Pérez

Héctor E. Pérez | Professor, Environmental Horticulture Department, University of Florida | Thursday, April 25, 6 p.m. | Location: Mershon Hall + Facebook Live | Are Today’s Seeds Ready for the Climate Challenges of Tomorrow? Speaker Bio: Héctor E. Pérez earned an M.S. in Horticultural Science from the University… Read More

Garden Lights Job Fair

The Garden is hiring on-the-spot at a job fair seeking part-time special events bartenders and special events associates for Garden Lights 2023-24. Each position pays $15 per hour, plus tips. The job fair will be located inside Mershon Hall. Complete an application in advance of the event. Read More

Science Café: Julie Velásquez Runk and Frankie Green

Description of Presentation: This talk is about how we wove and polished the illustrated storybook An Adventure of Wounaan Children and Many Birds with the biocultural team of the Wounaan National Congress and the Foundation for the Development of Wounaan People.  Wounaan are an Indigenous people of Panama and Colombia… Read More

Science Café: Hector Fernando Arocha Garza

This presentation discusses how Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila provides us with an invaluable opportunity to investigate the origins of life and deepen our understanding of Earth’s evolutionary history. Its unique geological features, diverse ecosystem and ancient microbial life make it a captivating location for scientific research. By preserving and studying this… Read More

Virtual Science Café: Tatiana Arias, Ph. D.

This presentation underscores the significance of ongoing efforts in Colombia by research botanist Tatiana Arias from Marie Selby Botanical Gardens to safeguard orchid diversity, unravel the mysteries of orchid species-rich groups with high endemism in the northern Andes, and empower communities for conservation through sustainable practices. She uses a combination… Read More

Science Café: Lance Gunderson, Ph. D.

While all organisms modify their environment, humans have transformed the biosphere to the extent that we are living in a new geologic era – the Anthropocene. Collectively our activities are not only changing climates, but we are transforming energy and biogeochemical flows, coopting primary productivity, and changing land and ocean… Read More

Science Café: Tal Kinser

The Coastal Plain of the Southeastern United States is among the world’s top biodiversity hotspots of great conservation concern. It houses a large diversity of habitats and plant species, many of which are endemic and occur nowhere else in the world- yet so many of these habitats are largely gone… Read More

Science Café: Dr. Megan DeMarche

As the climate warms, many plants are flowering earlier in the year. This can be beneficial, allowing plants to take advantage of warmer spring temperatures. However, it can also have unintended consequences, potentially changing interactions with pollinators, pests, or risking flower damage from unexpected frosts. Plants in alpine environments, already… Read More

Science Café: Abra Lee

Are you #TeamBTW (Booker T. Washington) or #TeamWEB (W. E. B. Du Bois)? For many key figures of Black garden history, there were two degrees of separation between their careers and these iconic men of America. We will delve into their complicated relationship and discuss their influence on the legends… Read More