Science Café: Dr. Megan DeMarche

As the climate warms, many plants are flowering earlier in the year. This can be beneficial, allowing plants to take advantage of warmer spring temperatures. However, it can also have unintended consequences, potentially changing interactions with pollinators, pests, or risking flower damage from unexpected frosts. Plants in alpine environments, already… Read More

Science Café: Abra Lee

Are you #TeamBTW (Booker T. Washington) or #TeamWEB (W. E. B. Du Bois)? For many key figures of Black garden history, there were two degrees of separation between their careers and these iconic men of America. We will delve into their complicated relationship and discuss their influence on the legends… Read More

Science Café: Dr. James Hill Craddock

The major focus of the chestnut research at UTC is the restoration of Castanea dentata to its former position as a component of the southern Appalachian hardwood forest ecosystem.  The return of the American chestnut requires a multidisciplinary effort.  Since 1996, the project has been actively engaged in all aspects… Read More