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Cascades Garden

The sound of flowing water beckons visitors along the Canopy Walk to one of the Garden's most tranquil and sunniest spots, the Cascades Garden. Built on top of what was formerly a steep entry road, it features a series of pools where water cascades from one to the next.

An arbored pavilion lends a quiet seating area for reflections. Surrounding the pools are hardy tropicals, including bananas, cannas and gingers, and numerous types of palms.

The focal point of the garden is the monumental living sculpture Earth Goddess, which was the highlight of the Imaginary Worlds exhibition in 2013-2014.

Earth Goddess

Learn more about the Garden’s ever-growing icon, Earth Goddess, who beautifully boasts 18,000 live annuals, and when she became a permanent installation greeting guests as they enter the Cascades Garden.

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Storza Woods

The Cascades Garden surrounded by Storza Woods, one of the few remaining secondary growth mature hardwood forests in the City of Atlanta.

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Giant Leopard Plant

Discover the large leaves and blooming flowers of this evergreen plant in the Cascades Garden.
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Pink Banana

Believe it or not, this plant in the Cascades Garden is, in fact, a banana, but you might regret trying the fruit if you ever get the chance.
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