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Glade Garden

Bursting with daffodils in spring and overflowing with colorful perennials in summer and fall, the Glade Garden in Storza Woods is a popular resting place at the edge of the Garden's old-growth forest.

Built in 2015 as a part of the development of Storza Woods, the Glade Garden is an attention-getter from the Canopy Walk. Up close, guests enjoy walks on the elliptical sidewalk encircling the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Water Mirror, which rushes down a staircase fountain built into a sloped hillside below.

Radiant Yellow Icicle Tower, a 30-foot-tall, brilliant glass sculpture created by Seattle artist Dale Chihuly, was installed in December 2021 in the Glade Garden. The gleaming tower creates a dramatic counterpoint to the cascading waterfalls and quiet pools of the recently completed Mary Ellen Imlay Channel Garden. Illuminated at night with exterior spot lighting, the tower was chosen to replace another Chihuly sculpture, the neon Saffron Tower, because of the resilience of the new sculpture’s blown glass forms.

The John Imlay Bridge offers another vantage point to view this stunning Garden, which is also available for (woodland weddings and other private events).

Hoary Mountain Mint

Discover this native mint perennial while strolling through the Glade Garden.
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Aphrodite Hybrid Sweetshrub

A different form of sweetshrub than we all may have been used to. This hybrid of a Chinese species and a western U.S. native species forms a rather large shrub up to 8 feet in height or larger. The blooms start in summer and continue on and off throughout the season. It boasts very large flowers that resemble red magnolias, which appear amid glossy, tropical-looking foliage.
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Smiling Monkey Tree

The lemon-scented blooms of this magnolia in the Glade Garden of Storza Woods attract guests in late winter.
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Obedient Plant

These vertical pink stalks in the Glade Garden do what they're told.
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