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The Orchard

Orderly rows of Robinson Crabapples appear as guests walk from (Vine Arbor) to the (Edible Garden). Underneath the linear design of the crabapples, a filigree of airy perennials including muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capallaris 'White Cloud', and patrinia, Patrinia scabiosifolia dance about. Keep an eye out for a dazzling display of bright and happy daffodils in the spring and daylilies throughout the summer.

Vine Arbor

Take a cool break in the shade of endless vines wrapped around the arbor beside the Great Lawn.

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Edible Garden

Explore the ever-changing crops in the Edible Garden, where guests are reminded that without plants, there would be no other life on Earth.

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Dawn Redwood

Learn more about the cone-shaped deciduous tree reaching far above the tree line at the entrance to the Edible Garden.
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Paw Paw

This native small understory tree is a favorite in the Orchard for bearing unusually shaped fruits and for its naturally pyramidal canopy structure.
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