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Vine Arbor

A collection of native and exotic vines suitable for the Atlanta area grow on the vine arbor that runs alongside the greenhouses on the way to the Conservatory. lt contains a mixture of evergreen and deciduous vines. Some vines of interest include Akebia trifoliata, Actinidia deliciosa (Kiwi fruit), Kadsura, (a little-known evergreen vine from Asia) and the beautiful purple-flowering Millettia reticulata which is also known as Evergreen Wisteria.

The arbor was given in memory of Kate Palmour and Elwyn White Tomlinson in 1988.

Lady Banks’ Rose

Roses aren't just in the Rose Garden. Discover this late-spring bloomer on the Vine Arbor off the Great Lawn.
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Kiwi Vine

Discover this vigorous deciduous vine on the Vine Arbor beside the Great Lawn.
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