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Woodland Promenade

This central path in the Gainesville Garden offers places to sit and enjoy woodland views as well as a colorful palette of annual plantings.

Hybrid Deciduous Azalea

Marvel in wonder while passing through the Woodland Promenade at these absolutely breathtaking azalea blooms .
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Doublicious Bigleaf Hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Doublicious’ is a compact reblooming deciduous shrub that is able to bloom on both old and new wood. It is a favorite of staff and visitors with its unique starry double-petaled flower clusters that cover the plant throughout summer into fall. The color can range from pink to blue depending on the soil ph but In our native soils, they are a lovely purplish-blue.
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Skinner’s Banana Shrub

Visit this shrub covered in tiny white blossoms while strolling on the Woodland Promenade.
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