Amphibians on Display

Frogs of the Amazon Basin

Fringed Leaf Frogs (Cruziohyla craspedopus) are only known to live in scattered small areas, but are so quiet and hard to find that scientists suspect they live more broadly across the Amazon Basin. Very little is known about Fringed Leaf Frogs because they live high in the tree canopy and rarely, if ever, come to the ground. The Garden is successfully breeding them in captivity and contributing to the overall knowledge of their reproductive requirements and behaviors. Mimic Poison Frogs (Ranitomeya imitator) are much smaller than their tankmates. Their bright colors are like a Halloween costume; these harmless little frogs dress up like Poison Frogs to trick would-be predators into thinking they are dangerous. Look for these tiny orange frogs tucked between the leaves of the cup-shaped bromeliad plants.