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With a wide variety of species and selections, this collection showcases the surprising diversity in size, shape and color found in this iconic group of plants. With an emphasis on Asian species and Japanese maple selections, many forms exhibit interest in the Garden throughout the year. Snakebark maples like the Japanese Acer rufinerve exhibit striking striped patterns along the trunk and stems, and can be found in the Southern Seasons Garden. With peeling bark exposing a smooth coppery toned trunk and brilliant fall color, the Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple) has decidedly year-round interest. Lacy purple foliage on a compact dome-shaped plant also makes Acer japonicum 'Tamukeyama' a centerpiece of the Rock Garden.

These Asian plants make good understory trees in the landscape, and more than 80 species are represented, mainly at the Gainesville Garden.

The Maples are also part of a multi-institutional collection through the Plant Collection Network program of the American Public Gardens Association

Featured Plants

Henry’s Maple

This classic maple near the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks in Storza Woods might not catch your eye until fall when it's ablaze in shades of red.
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