Virtual Chocolate-Covered Weekend

Welcome to Virtual Chocolate-Covered Weekend! Each year, the Garden dedicates one weekend in September to celebrate the world’s favorite plant-based treat. For the safety of all, we’ve moved the festivities online. While it’s not quite the same as sampling chocolate treats in the Garden, we hope you’ll be inspired to create your own treats at home.

The magic's in the shell

Watch this quick video, new for 2021, featuring Chance Claar-Pressley. She’s in the Georgia-Pacific Classroom with an easy, two-ingredient recipe for chocolate magic shell that can jazz up ice cream and frozen fruit in a jiffy.

We all scream
for ice cream

Chef Thomas Numprasong of Temo Foods has been a chocolatier for 15 years. Join him in the Outdoor Kitchen as he makes from scratch chocolate ice cream for a cream soda float. Learn more about baking chocolate, cocoa percentages and why Hershey’s won’t always do the trick.

You've found the
chocolate tree!

Meet Fuqua Conservatory Manager Paul Blackmore in the Tropical Rotunda for a closer look at one of our cacao trees, Theobroma cacao. The large fruit, or cacao pod, grows directly off the tree trunk and limbs. Cacao pods take five to six months to ripen at which time they are cracked open and cacao beans are scraped out and ready for the multi-step process to become chocolate. Learn more about the origins and history of chocolate.