Conservation & Research

Southeastern Center for Conservation

Through conservation of imperiled species and natural communities across the southeastern United States, Caribbean, and Ecuador, the center protects the natural heritage of one of North America’s most biodiverse regions.

This launch is the first step in a multi-year expansion of the Garden’s conservation research and education. In 2016, the Garden hosted the regional Southeastern Partners in Plant Conservation meeting and is scheduled to host the second regional meeting March 2-6, 2020. During its recent capital campaign, the Garden raised funds to expand its laboratories and facilities for research, training and propagating rare plants.

The Garden works to advance the science of conservation through research collaborations and native species recovery programs. The Garden’s plant conservation collections and fieldwork focus on propagation of under-represented endangered plant groups and the restoration and management of their habitats. Key to the success of this conservation program is the high level of botanical and horticultural expertise of its staff. The Garden has more than 30 years of experience in the conservation and recovery of rare and threatened plant species through research, propagation, collaborative restoration and habitat management.


To lead innovative strategies and partnerships to conserve imperiled plants and natural communities.



Become a local, regional, and international hub for the conservation of rare plants and ecosystems. This is achieved through collections management; interdisciplinary research; restoration of priority habitats; educational outreach; and the vigorous pursuit of collaborative opportunities.

Go behind the scenes with in-house experts to learn more about plant conservation and research in PlantIntel, the Garden magazine focused on connecting people with plants.

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Science & Research

The Southeastern Center for Conservation focuses on four core areas of research: habitat restoration and monitoring, conservation genetics and evolutionary studies, pollinator surveys, and a conservation seed bank.

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With conservation interests in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Virgin Islands) and Ecuador, the Garden is committed to positively affecting international plant populations through research, conservation, education and restoration.

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Restoration & Monitoring

Restoring and monitoring imperiled plants and their fragile ecosystems threatened by human interference and natural forces is a primary mission of the Conservation & Research Department.

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