Science Café: Abra Lee

Are you #TeamBTW (Booker T. Washington) or #TeamWEB (W. E. B. Du Bois)? For many key figures of Black garden history, there were two degrees of separation between their careers and these iconic men of America. We will delve into their complicated relationship and discuss their influence on the legends… Read More

Science Café: Dr. James Hill Craddock

The major focus of the chestnut research at UTC is the restoration of Castanea dentata to its former position as a component of the southern Appalachian hardwood forest ecosystem.  The return of the American chestnut requires a multidisciplinary effort.  Since 1996, the project has been actively engaged in all aspects… Read More

Origami in the Garden Scavenger Hunt

Pick up an Origami in the Garden scavenger hunt sheet in the Hardin Visitor Center, or print your own at home. Check off nine sculptures as you explore Origami in the Garden. When you finish, flip your paper over for simple instructions on folding a tulip bloom. Read More

Science Café: Dr. Donna McDermott

Feeding on flowers is complicated work. Bees venture out of the colony over and over again, collecting nectar and pollen for themselves and their nest-mates, learning how to identify and manipulate flowers that change throughout the season while dodging predators and parasites. How do bees manage it all? One option… Read More

Joseph Genova Floral Paintings

Joseph Genova, a native of Italy, moved to New York at the age of nine. He studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Although he is mainly self-taught as an artist, he has drawn inspiration from masters such as Caravaggio and his use of chiaroscuro, the strong contrast… Read More

Origami in the Garden Member Preview: All Members

Individual, Dual, Family and Family Plus members are invited to an exclusive preview in Atlanta. Be one of the first to experience the unfolding of this larger-than-life special exhibition, Origami in the Garden! This complimentary evening of live music and family fun is sure to let your imagination soar. Longleaf Restaurant… Read More

Science Café: Georgann Eubanks

Writer and popular speaker Georgann Eubanks will share stories from her trek across six states to write “Saving the Wild South,” a new book from the University of North Carolina Press. In her research Georgann studied the history and status of a dozen rare and federally endangered plants and interviewed… Read More

Gainesville Garden: Spring Break

Join us from April 4 – April 8 for spring break fun! Monday 4/4: Take-away seed germination kits. Learn how to germinate sunflower seeds with a sponge and a baggie, complete with a starter peat pot. While supplies last, limit one per family. Tuesday 4/5: Fairy door decorating in the… Read More

Virtual Science Café: Dr. Amy Iler

Discussion Title: Drivers and Consequences of Earlier Flowering Under Climate Change Earlier flowering is one of the most widespread biological responses to climate change, and these shifts in the timing of flowering are especially pronounced at high elevations and high latitudes, places where climate change is occurring rapidly. Read More

Science Café: Dr. Christine Folch

Presentation Title: Unearthing Hidden Stories of Yaupon, North America’s Native Caffeinated Plant: Or, why don’t we drink it? We totally should. Description of Presentation: For millennia, Indigenous communities have wielded the stimulating leaves of caffeinated hollies native to the Americas for their social and psychoactive potency. With European Contact, yerba mate… Read More