Science Café: Dr. Lance Gunderson

While all organisms modify their environment, humans have transformed the biosphere to the extent that we are living in a new geologic era – the Anthropocene. Collectively our activities are not only changing climates, but we are transforming energy and biogeochemical flows, coopting primary productivity, and changing land and ocean… Read More

Summer Blooms: Virginia Highland Plein Air Painters

The Virginia Highland Plein Air Painters (founded in 2000) is a rapidly growing group of more than 175 Atlanta metro area artists who paint outdoors. Painting “en plein air” has been practiced by artists for hundreds of years and was made famous by the French Impressionists. Plein air artists… Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Promotion: All Members

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or for any occasion? Purchase a gift membership at the Garden for everyone on your list! Recipients enjoy unlimited access to both Garden locations during regular hours, invitations to special member events, and discounts throughout the year. From May 8-19, members… Read More

Science Café: Tal Kinser

The Coastal Plain of the Southeastern United States is among the world’s top biodiversity hotspots of great conservation concern. It houses a large diversity of habitats and plant species, many of which are endemic and occur nowhere else in the world- yet so many of these habitats are largely gone… Read More

SOLD OUT: Fermented Condiments

Learn to make your own fermented condiments- from ketchup, mustard and relish, to hot sauce, salsa and more- with Contraband Ferments. Get the history and science behind fermentation, as well as the basic principles to make your own delicious, probiotic-rich condiments and sample a few in the Edible Garden Outdoor… Read More

Orchid Aha!: Ask a Horticulturist Anything

Join us in person or virtually for orchid spring cleaning! During the Gently Used Plant Sale, Garden guests can learn about repotting and cleaning up orchids for the spring growth cycle followed by a Q&A. Please note: Guests are not permitted to bring their own plants to this event. Demo… Read More

Virtual Science Café: Maggie R. Wagner, Ph.D.

On the prairies of central North America, water is a critical resource that can limit growth and survival. Many organisms from such dry environments have evolved adaptations to help them cope with this environmental stress. However, not much is known about whether neighboring species help each other adapt, compete with… Read More

La Calavera Catrina

Explore nine colorful, larger-than-life skeleton sculptures of La Catrina, one of the most recognizable figures of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), by Los Angeles artist Ricardo Soltero. An elegant female skeleton and an icon of Mexican heritage, La Catrina approaches death not through sadness, but as a… Read More