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Green Roof

Green roofs are building tops partially or completely covered with plants and soil/growing medium. Though the roof over the Hardin Visitor Center and the Garden Gift Shop is beautifully planted, the environmental benefits bloom in spades. The Garden's Green Roof, planted with Sedum, Iris, Salvia and spring bulbs, also insulates the building, collects rain for watering in the Garden and reduces overall energy use.

The Hardin Visitor Center boasts three green roofs, though only one can be accessed by guests.

Swamp Magnolia

In their best season, May - August, you won't miss the lemon scent and beautiful blooms of the Swamp Magnolias near the Hardin Visitor Center entrance.
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Persian Ironwood

Spring and fall bring bright color to the Persian Ironwood tree near the Hardin Visitor Center.
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