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Kendeda Canopy Walk

When it opened in 2010, the Kendeda Canopy Walk allowed the Garden to double its size, linking the more formal original gardens with nearly 15 additional acres of woodlands by bridging the entry road. Soaring 40 feet in the air, the 12-foot-wide serpentine bridge gives visitors a bird’s-eye view of Storza Woods, one of the city’s last remaining urban forests, teeming with oaks, hickories, and tulip poplars—including one believed to be the city’s largest.

The unique suspension bridge, with its towering masts that seemingly disappear among the treetops, is considered the largest tree canopy-level walkway of its kind in the United States. The steel and concrete structure, designed by architects Jova/Daniels/Busby, descends to Sourwood Terrace, providing a pause before exploring the woodlands gardens below.

The landing at the bottom of the Canopy Walk, Sourwood Terrace is available for private events.

Architect Steve Robinson best described the unique suspension system used in the Canopy Walk's design where he likened the tension between its masts, cables and walkway to a classic ballroom dance move by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Storza Woods

Lose yourself in the tranquility of Storza Woods, one of the few remaining old-growth forests left in the City of Atlanta.

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Rent Sourwood Terrace and Canopy Walk for Your Event

Plan an event in the treetops on the spectacular 600-foot-long Canopy Walk.

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Knap Hill Red Azalea

June brings out the fragrant, bright red blooms of this hybrid on the Azalea Walk in Storza Woods.
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Smiling Monkey Tree

The lemon-scented blooms of this magnolia in the Glade Garden of Storza Woods attract guests in late winter.
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Ostrich Fern

The tallest native fern in North America impresses with near-vertical 6-foot fronds in the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks of Storza Woods.
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Chinese Witch Hazel

Follow your nose to the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks of Storza Woods, as this fragrant bloomer attracts guests in early to midwinter.
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Fortune’s Holly Fern

Find this fern in the Bowl Garden, where its bright green fronds stand out in the early spring in Storza Woods.
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Plumleaf Azalea

A last hoorah of summer color, the bright red flowers of the plumbleaf azalea bloom on the Azalea Walk in Storza Woods long after its woodland cohorts.
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Obedient Plant

These vertical pink stalks in the Glade Garden do what they're told.
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Japanese Spikenard

The striking golden foliage of the 'Sun King' stands out in the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks of Storza Woods.
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Kelsey’s Flame Azalea

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Henry’s Maple

This classic maple near the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks in Storza Woods might not catch your eye until fall when it's ablaze in shades of red.
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Redvein Enkianthus

This shrub of red and pink blooms loves the shade of the Channel, Boardwalk and Beechwood Overlooks in the Gardens in Storza Woods.
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Giant Leopard Plant

Discover the large leaves and late-summer blooming flowers of this evergreen plant in the Cascades Garden.
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Pink Banana

Believe it or not, this plant in the Cascades Garden is, in fact, a banana, but you might regret trying the fruit if you ever get the chance.
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