Summer Container Gardening

Explore container gardening basics: plant selection, soil types and choosing appropriate containers for summer. Learn what annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs do well in pots this season to make the most beautiful container gardens for your home. Member Registration Non-member Registration… Read More

Bird Feeder Wreath Making

This hands-on class allows you to create a beautiful garden decoration that will bring music to your home. This class allows for individual creativity with foraged greenery, dried flowers, and goodies for your bird friends. We can’t wait to see you uniquely stunning wreaths! Member… Read More

Tour Our New Edible Garden

The Garden is excited to present the newest addition, our beautiful edible garden. From dirt to dinner see the process the horticulture staff used to turn this spot of soil to a thriving ecosystem. You will learn the planning and decision making done to get the garden up… Read More

Herbs and the Five Senses

This interactive class will allow you to learn from one of our incredible volunteers. You will have a chance to touch, smell, and taste samples of an assortment of foods and drinks infused with fresh herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Leave this class with unique recipes and… Read More

Walking Tour: Summer Blooms

Take a stroll through the summer garden with one of our talented horticulturists and enjoy everything that blooms in warmer months. With special focus on our extensive collection of hydrangeas and their relatives, this tour will teach you the unique differences between hydrangea species. Member… Read More

You Had Me at Hydrangea

This class will present valuable information about hydrangea types, care, and more. Among the most popular plants in home gardens, hydrangeas come in a variety of unique types. This class will cover different species, characteristics, care, pruning, and more, so you can have the most beautiful hydrangeas in… Read More

Garden Pest Identification and Control

Learn how to identify and mitigate common indoor and outdoor plant pests with hands-on examples and practical solutions. Swing by the greenhouse to see how we deal with our pests and save your plants before they become insect food!  Member Registration Non-member… Read More

Bob Ross Paint and Sip

Complete a landscape painting inspired by the works of Bob Ross in just one class! No prior painting experience needed. That’s the magic of the techniques used by the painter Bob Ross in his popular TV series, The Joy of Painting, which aired on PBS stations from 1983 to 1994. Read More

Reducing Single-Use Waste: Earth Day Discussion with Boxed Water

In honor of Earth Day, the Curiosity Cart and Boxed Water will provide information about reducing plastic usage and alternatives to other single-use items. Discover the impacts of single-use items on the environment and ways you can help. Leave with a gift to encourage small changes in… Read More

Curious Saturdays

From May to September, the first Saturday of each month features our new mobile Curiosity Cart from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Formerly called Discovery Stations, this mobile learning center offers guests unique insights into the garden, its plants, and the surrounding ecosystem. Rotating topics include interactive lessons designed… Read More