May 7 - Oct. 16: Journey into the fold as the largest-ever exhibition of massive origami-inspired sculptures by Jennifer and Kevin Box takes shape in Atlanta’s urban oasis.

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About the Exhibition

The exhibition features 18 installations of nearly 70 museum-quality metal sculptures inspired by the Japanese art of folding paper that are the creations of Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box.

All are larger than life, some more than 20 feet tall, and all based on prototypes created with origami – one folded sheet of paper with no cuts. Throughout the Garden will be large-scale sculptures of flying birds, emerging butterflies, grazing deer, floating boats and more. The highlight of the show will be “Master Peace,” a 25-foot-tall sculpture of hundreds of stainless steel origami peace cranes towering over Howell Fountain.


About the Artists

Kevin Box, whose background is in papermaking, printmaking and graphic design, said that staging the show in a public garden is a natural fit for his work. “Origami is made from paper, paper is made from plants, so in a lot of ways that ties into botanical garden’s mission,” said the artist, who spent the part of his early career working in an Atlanta foundry.

The exhibition features the Boxes’ own compositions as well as collaborations with world-renowned origami artists Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse and Beth Johnson.

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How the Sculptures
Are Made

Created by Santa Fe artists Jennifer and Kevin Box in collaboration with acclaimed origami artists Dr. Robert J. Lang, Michael G. LaFosse, Beth Johnson, and Te Jui Fu, ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN elevates the ancient art of origami to new heights. 
Each piece begins as a single, uncut piece of paper. Using the techniques of lost-wax casting and fabrication, the sculptures in this exhibit glorify the precision of origami in stately museum-quality metals using an innovative 35+ step process that took nine years to perfect.  Previous shows at 17 botanical gardens around the country have cumulatively dazzled more than two million visitors. Learn more.


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The heaviest piece in the exhibit is Hero's Horse, weighing in at 7,500 pounds.

Origami in the Garden exhibits have been enjoyed by 2 million people at 17 gardens and museums. This is the largest origami exhibition in the world!

The tallest piece in the exhibit is Scents of Gratitude, which stands 31' tall, weighs 5,300 pounds and has 77 flower components.

More on Lost-Wax Casting

When casting, Kevin Box likes to joke that his cast sculptures are achieved through a ‘simple 35-step, 12-week process. On a good day. If everything goes right.’ It took him seven years of intensive learning and experimentation with lost-wax casting while working at various foundries from Atlanta to Austin to develop a process where the original sculpture medium is paper.

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More on Fabrication

As Kevin Box translated his early paper creations into metal sculpture , he was struck by the geometric quality of the crease marks in the folded sheets of paper. He could see that the clean lines, shaft angels and flat planes could lend itself to fabrication. Cutting and welding sheet metal in replication of his paper sculpture would allow him to scale up to sizes not feasible with casting in bronze. The exhibition unveiling at Atlanta Botanical Garden is a celebration and culmination where the artists are using both lost-wax casting and fabrication to bring the world’s largest origami exhibition ever!

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